Michael Go joins DMX as a Strategic Advisor

The Digital Metal Exchange (DMX) has today announced the appointment of Michael Go as its Strategic Advisor. Mr Go is the CEO of the Sydney Stock Exchange (SSX) and a veteran of global financial markets in a thirty year career with Barclays, BZW, ABN Amro, the National Australia Bank and Thomson Reuters.

Jeremy Samuel, the founder and CEO of DMX said: “The Digital Metal Exchange will be unveiling its online metals trading platform very soon so we are at a crucial moment as we move from development to public launch and beyond. Since we are creating the World’s first fully regulated digital metals exchange, Michael’s knowledge and deep experience in financial markets is going to be a very strong asset for us.”

Michael Go sees the Digital Metal Exchange as being at the forefront of financing in the metals sector internationally. It will enable companies in the sector to grow, which in turn creates employment and a strong economy. The Digital Metal Exchange is an exciting business in a sector of strong interest for him.

“It’s exciting to share my experience and energy with this upstart business which will turn a staid old industry on its head and create positive change in the Metals market by using the latest digital smarts. The Digital Metal Exchange is aiming high in one of the largest international markets and expects to make its presence felt very quickly. By introducing digital technologies into this traditional arena this company will deliver dramatic innovation in terms of speed, accessibility and transparency. Companies often make announcements about revolutionising their industries, but in this case I think it is appropriate. I believe there is significant value being created in this business, to benefit the market and investors.”