DMX soft-launches to the industry with a little under USD 100 million in digital assets

We are delighted to announce that we have soft-launched DMX to the industry, with an initial offering of some USD 93.5 million in digital assets (at spot price) representing forward sales of gold from mines in Australia and Ecuador. Subscriptions to the digital assets are coming in quickly and we expect to place the entire allocation within a short time, reflecting the attractiveness of this initial offering of around 50,000 oz of gold, at its discounted price of some 80 million dollars – with discount levels varying from mine to mine.

DMX has opened for trade and investment an entirely new asset class: digital assets backed by in-ground metal and priced according to a proprietary discount model. The DMX Asset Monetisation Process offers a simple and transparent funding mechanism to early-stage mines. It facilitates investment in pre-production metals at significant discounts, lowers the costs of funding, does not dilute existing mine shareholders and has lower ongoing costs than listing or other funding mechanisms. Digital assets offered for sale on DMX are, at maturity, convertible to either physical metal or cash.

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