We Can’t Fight Climate Change Without Embracing Mining

by Jeremy Samuel, CEO, Digital Metal Exchange Global demand for renewable energy and electrification of industry and infrastructure has increased exponentially over the last decade and will only accelerate following the recent release of the Sixth IPCC Report. Such demand is driven by emissions targets, irrespective of whether they are set for 2030 or 2050, […]

Deutsche Börse makes a strategic investment in DMX partner Crypto Finance AG

In what we see as major validation of our thinking and the strategic decisions we have made in the choice of technologies and partners, Deutsche Börse AG has made a strategic investment in our Swiss digital custody partner Crypto Finance Group. In a statement which accompanied the announcement, Crypto Finance founder Jan Brzezek said “Since […]

How digital assets are transforming the mining and metals markets

Digital assets are underpinning significant shifts across the metals industry, from early-stage mining to delivery of physical products. These are securely created and safely held computer files which function as electronic stores of value. They can be traded securely, cheaply and efficiently. Digital assets, or tokens, can be created to represent physical items, financial instruments […]

Development finance for junior metal mines with no dilution

Digital Metal Exchange opens a new class of digital assets, to simplify and speed up the financing of metal exploration and mine development. Twenty eight junior mining companies in Australia raised $10M or more in the March Quarter of last year, more than doubling the number of successful fundraising rounds quarter on quarter. While good […]

Wrap-up for 2020

This has been a very trying year for everyone. Luckily, since we are a fully distributed team, while COVID-19 has been highly disruptive to all of our team members and their families, it has made little impact on our daily and weekly work routines. We are grateful to have been able to continue our work […]